Dokidoki! PreCure's "Regina" is the Most Popular Anime Word on Twitter in June

Vocaloid GUMI topped the daily chart on her birthday

Twipple Trend, BIGLOBE's information site for Twitter users, reported the monthly ranking for the month of June on July 9. The most discussed anime-related word by the Japanese Twitter users in the month was "Regina," the name of a girl who claimed to be the daughter of King Jikochu. King Jikochu is the leader of the antagonist group of the 10th PreCure TV series, Dokidoki!PreCure. The word topped the daily ranking on June 30 when the 22nd episode was aired in Japan. Regina stayed over at the house of Mana Aida/Cure Heart and slept with Mana in her bed in the episode. It is safe to say Regina was the most discussed or popular anime character of the month.


The word "Regina" was ranked in the 7th place in the monthly overall ranking, followed by the title of the previous TV series Smile PreCure! on the 8th. The reason why the Smile's title suddenly appeared in the ranking instead of the current series Dokidoki! was that the word was tweeted by the official twitter

account of Toru Hashimoto, the controversial mayor of Osaka-city on June 1. And it was retweeted more

than 100,000 times in three days. It was explained later that the word was posted by his daughter in

the first grade, and Hashimoto was not a fan of PreCure at all (or maybe?).


One of the vocaloid characters GUMI took the first place on the daily ranking of June 26. The day was her

birthday and the fans celebrated it on Twitter grandly.


Popular word ranking (most posted day) - June 2013

1. Soccer (June 4)

2. Election (June 8)

3. PK (June 20)

4. Honda (June 4)

5. AKB (June 8)

6. Bro/Super Smash Bros. (June 11)

7. Regina (June 30, 22nd episode of Dokidoki! PreCure was aired)

8. Smile PreCure! (June 1)

9. Moon (June 23)

10. Brazil (June 16)    


You can download this wallpaper of Regina from Toei Animation's official site now (registration required)


Source: press release


Regina image © ABC/Toei Animation

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