Japanese Club Nintendo Site Compromised, Nearly 24,000 Accounts Affected

Nintendo addresses attack with weekend press release

With hacking and leaks being a subject on everyone's mind these days in light of recent events, Nintendo is the latest in a string of casualties affected by such an attack, as the company took to issuing a press release confirming the extent and scope of the attack over the weekend in Japan. According to Nintendo, the attacks began early last month and exposed personal information associated with 23,926 accounts, including users' real names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Club Nintendo logo

The attack campaign began on June 9 and attempted more than 15.5 million logins over the following month before successfully achieving its goal to gather sensitive information. Nintendo only became aware of the situation on July 2nd, when a new wave of attacks began before the company took steps to handle the breach. Nintendo also stresses that the breach only affected Japanese accounts and that other territories where Club Nintendo is active were not in immediate danger of being compromised.


With this high-profile breach following in the wake of similar problems suffered by UbiSoft  and even indie games such as Cube World, gamers would do well to sweep their most frequently accessed accounts and change passwords to ensure at least some measure of safety.


via ArsTechnica

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