Moe Girl Teaches How to Prevent Rubella Outbreak in Comiket

More than 500,000 will participate in the three days event

The rubella outbreak in Japan had eclipsed the 10,000 case mark by June. It is nearly five times the number of cases reported in all of 2012. Most patients are middle-aged men who is about 20-40 years old. A Tokyo-based private group "Emergency meeting to stop the rubella outbreak" was launched to promote measures for prevention rubella to the public this March. They recommend people to get the rubella vaccine and to wear a mask to cover coughs and sneezes in crowded places.


Where is the most crowded place by middle-aged men in Tokyo? Comic Market/Comiket, the largest doujinshi event in the world, is definitely one of the places. The group has conducted a campaign named "Comiket Protection Team against Rubella" to promote the preventive measures to the otaku people. They recently revealed a new campaign poster featuring a cute moe girl illustration drawn by a free-lance illustrator Otogi Yougi. The poster explains what we have to do to prevent the disease before

coming to the event.


The next Comiket will be held on August 10-12 at Tokyo Big Sight. More than 500,000 people are expected

to participate in the three day events. Will they grant the moe girl's request? I hope they will.


The campaign poster


The banner



Source: Netlabo


© Otogi Yugi

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