"Free!" Anime's Character Song CD Cover Art Revealed

Physical measurements of the swimming boys in elementary/middle school years also posted

The official Twitter account for the highly anticipated summer swimming anime, Free! has posted the CD cover art for the first character song CDs that are due in August.


Character Song Series Vol. 1 Nanase Haruka (CV. Shimazaki Nobunaga)

Release date: August 7th

1,200 yen


Character Song Series Vol. 2 Tachibana Makoto (CV. Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

Release date: August 7th

1,200 yen


The rest of the character songs (Nagisa, Rin and Rei) will be released on September 4th. Different vendors are offering different bonus items for the purchase of the full character song series as noted below.


Animate: CD box for all character song series CDs and an original picture card


Tsutaya: CD sleeve case for all character song series CDs


Gamers / Tora No Ana / Tower Records: Original poster


Also, a new character information page was added to the official site with the physical measurement of the boys when Haruka, Makoto and Rin were in 6th grade and Nagisa was in 5th grade.


Haruka: 145cm, 38kg (4'7" 83lbs)


Makoto: 151cm, 42kg (4'10" 92lbs)


Nagisa: 135cm, 32kg (4'4" 70lbs)


Rin: 145cm, 39kg (4'7" 85lbs)



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