2013 Fall TV Anime "Meganebu! " Key Visual, Director Revealed

Soubi Yamamoto helms her first TV anime series

The official site for a 2013 fall TV anime Meganebu! revealed its first key visual and the anime production staff today. The story of the anime revolves around five high school boys who live in Sabae-city, Fujui Prefecture. The city is known as Japan's top producer of glasses. They launch "Meganebu" (Glasses Club) to put their passion into glasses. The anime will start airing in Japan in this October.


Soubi Yamamoto, who has been known for her short anime works This Boy Can Fight Aliens! and This Boy Caught a Merman in 2012, helms the boys anime as the director. This is the first TV anime work for her. Nakajima Atsuko (You're Under Arrest, Hakuouki) designs the characters and Deko Akao (Yes! PreCure5, Fresh PreCure!) works on series composition. More details including the voice cast for the characters will be announced at a press conference on July 12 and it will be live-broadcasted on

Nico Nico Namahousou at 7:30 p.m. (JST) on the day.


Key visual


"This Boy Can Fight Aliens!" trailer


"This Boy Caught a Merman" trailer


Source: Meganebu! official site


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