VIDEO: Yasutaka Nakata & J.J. Abrams Co-produce Song for "Star Trek: Into Darkness"

Slated for the August 23 release in Japan

A 1 minute 57 seconds music video for the Japanese version of "Into Darkness," the insert song for the upcoming Sci-Fi film Star Trek: Into Darkness was officially posted in the web today. The song is co-produced by the director of the film J.J. Abrams and a Japanese music producer Yasutaka Nakata who is well known for his producing works for Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Kyary joined the recording of the song as a guest vocalist and made a brief appearance in a very modest costume in the video.


The song "Into Darkness" was co-produced by Abrams and artists from 6 different countries for the "club" scene in the film. The version of the song by each artist is used in their respective countries. So we can hear Nakata's version of "Into Darkness" in Japanese theaters. Start Trek: Into Darkness, the sequel to the successful 2009 reboot of the Sci-Fi classic "Star Trek," is scheduled to be released in Japan

on August 23.


"Into Darkness" music clip



"Star Trek: Into Darkness" Japanese trailer


The flyers


Source: Cinema Today

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