VIDEO: Itagasa: Umbrellas Featuring "Oreimo," "K-ON!" Characters Offered in Japan

Presales at Wonder Festival and Comic Market 84

Seasonal Plants, a Gunma-based company specialized in rain apparel, has started accepting pre-orders for "Itagasa," umbrellas featuring characters from popular anime series such as Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, K-ON!, and Nitro+'s mascot girl Super Sonico. The presale for some of the products will be held at Wonder Festival on July 28 and Comic Market 84 on August 10-12. The company has posted the latest promotional video for Itagasa on YouTube. Check the Oreimo and K-ON Itagasa in the rain! 


PV for the products for the first half of 2013


PV for the 2012 collection


Kirino & Kuroneko umbrella (9,450 yen/US$94.58)


Kirino & Kuroneko folding umbrella (9,450 yen/US$94.58)


K-ON! umbrella (9,450 yen/US$94.58)


K-ON! folding umbrella


Super Sonico umbrellas (12,000 yen/US$121.12)


Source: Netlabo



© Kakifly, Houbunsha Co., Ltd. / Sakurako Light Music Club

© Nitroplus

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