VIDEO: Hatsune Miku's Impolite Gesture Inspires Meme

MikuMikuDance used to impart a lesson on "How to Flip the Bird"

MikuMikuDance (MMD) is a free tool for animating 3D character models, mainly used to choreograph Vocaloid dance numbers. It has an interesting potential for memes in that an animator can distribute their motion data, allowing other users to apply their own character models. This is what's been happening the last couple of weeks with "How to Flip the Bird," also known as "To Offend Someone."



For a bit of extra Vocaloid irreverence, vgperson has translated the latest Manbo Gumi video

Gumi - When the Wind Blows, Mankind is Doomed

Random chance is the mother of invention.

The title and all that is in reference to "when the wind blows, the bucket-maker makes a profit," a Japanese phrase illustrating the butterfly effect.

Also, this is Manbo's traditional anniversary upload, since he posted his first song July 12th, 2009. Four more years!

1:10 "You're so pretty..." (becomes) "Your face looks like a party gone wrong."
2:19 "How to Cook on the Butt of a Stripped Husband With Head Buried"
3:54 "Sea slugs"

Original video:


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