New "Initial D" Tour Features Real Cars and Places

The participants can drive AE86, RX-7, GT-R, NSX, MX-5, and many other cars

Seichi Junrei (holy place pilgrimage) is now very important part of otaku culture. Manga/anime fan love to visit the real locations where their favorite series used as a background. Shuichi Shigeno's best selling manga Initial D and its anime adaptations have made the mountain roads where the illegal street races are taken place so popular. So it is no strange that a Seichi Junrei tour to the places for the fan of the series is planned by a rental car company The fun2drive Owners' Club.


Furthermore, the company also provides the cars which actually raced in the story. The participants can drive: Project D: AE86 (Toyota Sprinter AE86 Trueno), Mazda RX-7 FD3S, Nissan GT-R (Hakosuka-R version, BNR32V-specII, R35), Honda BEAT, Honda S2000 modified, Honda NSX, and Mazda MX-5 Eunos Roadster. The 100km tour will run through Nagao Mountain Pass, Tsubaki Line, Hakone Turnpike, and Nanamagari pass in Kanagawa Prefecture, where the battles in Fifth Stage of the

anime series were taken place. And of course the participants have to run within the legal speed limit.

No street race allowed!


The course of the tour


"Initial D Fifth Stage" PV


Source: My Navi


© Shuichi Shigeno/Kodansha

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