Nitroplus Mascot Super Sonico Made Into Devil Nurse Figure

To be released in November

Figure manufacturer Orchid Seed will be releasing a figure of Super Sonico, the official mascot of game company Nitroplus, dressed as a devil nurse.
Super Sonico Figure すーぱーそに子

The 1/7th scale, 17-centimeter-tall figure features Super Sonico dressed in a black nurse’s outfit and stockings. The figure also includes red-framed glasses that can be worn by other 1/7th scale Super Sonico figures.


The figure was designed by Masanori Tanaka of Jetstream. It retails for 8,700 yen, and will be released in November.


Super Sonico Figure すーぱーそに子

Reverse view

Super Sonico Figure すーぱーそに子

Super Sonico without her glasses and nurse outfit.

Super Sonico Figure すーぱーそに子

The detailed figure is well-proportioned.


Super Sonico Figure すーぱーそに子

The figure faithfully reproduces Super Sonico’s assets.


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Super Sonico Devil Nurse Figure
Super Sonico Official Site

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