"All You Need is Kill" Adaptation Retitled for Hollywood Release

Tom Cruise-starring, Doug Liman-directed adaptation given newer, more-generic title

There's a growing trend in today's movies that require short, punchy titles that people can easily remember. Outside of independent film, few titles stand out in terms of being truly evocative or unique. All You Need is Kill, the Hiroshi Sakurazaka light novel about a soldier stuck in a time loop, has become the next victim of this trend.




Right. So as you can see, All You Need is Kill has been retitled to the much more painfully generic Edge of Tomorrow, which people are almost certain to confuse with gory Mel Gibson thriller Edge of Darkness, or Edge of Heaven, a drama that I haven't seen but actually sounds pretty good, or the Lady Gaga song Edge of Glory, or just plain ol' The Edge, the wilderness survival thriller with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin. Dammit, Warner!


What do you think of the new title? Are you looking forward to All You Need is Kill Edge of Tomorrow? Do you think the movie will be a good adaptation of the light novel, regardless of the title?


EDIT: Big thanks to Jigokutenshin for correcting my dumbass mistake--All You Need is Kill is a light novel, not a manga. Sorry, folks!

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