VIDEO: Glacius Joins the Battle in Free-to-Play "Killer Instinct" Revival

Grab a cold one and check out Glacius' official reveal trailer!

To be honest, I know the general opinion of this game is mixed-to-negative, but I'd like to see more actual gameplay of Rare's Killer Instinct revival before passing judgment. That being said, each trailer is a nice, nostalgic trip down memory lane, fueled by a powerful feeling of '90s eXtReMe AtTiTuDe. Frosty fighter Glacius was officially announced at EVO 2013 this past weekend--check out his reveal trailer!



Wait, was that...? Nah. Couldn't be.


chief thunder


Well, I think I know who's getting the next reveal trailer! Personally, I'd like to see some new blood, but what about you? With what we know so far, what do you think about the upcoming Xbox One-exclusive Killer Instinct?

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