VIDEO: "Ultra Street Fighter IV" Announced at EVO 2013

Newest, possibly final update for "SFIV" series hits hard with an announce trailer

Yesterday, we received word of a new update to Street Fighter IV, featuring five new characters and six new stages. Reception so far has been justifiably mixed--I may be excited about jumping back into the Endless Battle, but that hasn't been everybody's experience with the SFIV series. Today at the EVO 2013 fighting game tournament, Yoshinori Ono took the stage to officially announce Ultra Street Fighter IV, what may very well be the final "base" installment for Street Fighter IV before the new console generation starts up. Check out the trailer:



I wasn't much of a fan of Street Fighter X Tekken's faster, looser gameplay, preferring a more methodical, deliberate (read: slower) approach with these characters. It looks like I'm gonna get that tighter, more technical approach with SFXT's Poison, Hugo, Rolento, and Elena, but I'm still wondering who that fifth new fighter is!


Since the admittedly excellent Injustice: Gods Among Us, I've been taking a long break from fighting games, but as usual, it looks like Street Fighter is going to pull me right back in. They've nerfed my main (Cammy), they've changed a lot of things I was used to (did 'Sim's standing HK always do two hits?), but that just means there's more to learn and each victory will be worth something. What do you think? Will you be brushing up on your one-frame links and jumping back into the online arena with Ultra Street Fighter IV?


I'm honestly kind of amazed I got through that whole thing without making an "Ultra Kick Your Ass" joke

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