4-Panel Manga "Koroshiya-san/The Hired Gun" Gets Anime Adaptation

Directed by a Flash anime creator Ai Ikegaya

It is officially announced today that Koroshiya-san/The Hired Gun, a four-panel manga by Tamachiku. (the collaborative pseudonym of writer Masahide Ichijo and artist Chiku) will get an anime adaptation produced by a Flash anime company OperaHouse. The manga has been serialized in Futabasha's Manga Action magazine since 2004. So far four tankobon volumes have been published in Japan. A female Flash anime creator Ai Ikegaya will helm the adaptation. She has been famous for her independents short films and CMs using Flash animation technique.


The story tells the relationships between the protagonist man "Koroshiya" (professional killer) who is recognized as the best hit man in Japan, and the detectives, his victims, other hit men, passers by, police dogs, many others around. His motto is "If you request it, I will kill anything." But he has to take care of a variety of things from summer holiday homework to the work of a housewife.


 Source: Otasuke


Image © 2013 Tama-Chiku/Futabasha, The Hired Gun Production Committee

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