Official Poster for "Black Butler" Live-Action Film Revealed

Highly-anticipated film is slated for January 18, 2014

It is officially announced today that the live-action adaptation film of Yana Toboso's popular manga series Black Butler will be released in Japan on January 18, 2014. And the poster visual is also revealed to the Japanese media. The poster features Hiro Mizushima as Sebastian Michaelis and Ayame Goriki as Kiyoharu Genpou standing against the background of a palace on a moonlight night. The palace was actually used in the shooting of the film. The poster will be displayed in Japanese theaters from July 20 and the sales for the advance ticket will start on the same day. The ticket will come with an original clear file supervised by Hiro Mizushima.



Hiro Mizushima as Sebastian Michaelis

Ayame Goriki as Genpou Shiori

 Mizuki Yamamoto as Rin

Yuuka as Hanae Wakatsuki

Rui Kurihara as Undertaker J

Clear file for the advance ticket

Source: Comic Natalie

© 2014 Yana Toboso/Square Enix

© 2014 "Black Butler" production Committee

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