Check Out the "Final Fantasy XIV" Costume in "Lightning Returns: FFXIII"

Square Enix also shares a "13 Days" trailer out of this week's Comic-Con

One of the new costumes in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII comes from Square Enix's MMO world of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The Miqo'te costume was previously previewed in Japanese gaming mags, and now the official website has a nice piece of art and a screenshot showing it off more clearly.



When Lightning dons the Miqo'te costume she'll bust out a battle victory pose from FFXIV to the tune of the MMO's sound effects, just like she does with the FFVII theme when she has Cloud's gear on



There's also a new "13 Days" trailer out of Comic-Con:



Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII heads to North America and Europe in February 2014.


Via Siliconera



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