New "Free!" Cellphone Trading Straps To Be Available In September

Deformed swimming boys in their school uniforms and swimming trunks!

I hope you are ready for this. more Free! merch is coming our way. Pikuriru! Trading Straps featuring deformed characters from the show will be on sale in September in Japan. 10 different designs in school uniform and in swimming trunk versions will be available and they can be purchased individually or as a box of 10.


Each strap is 500 yen and 5,000 yen for a box of 10 straps. Straps also come with audio jack pins to protect smartphone jacks.


Haruka School Uniform



Makoto School Uniform



Nagisa School Uniform



Rin School Uniform



Rei School Uniform



Haruka Swimming Trunks



Makoto Swimming Trunks



Nagisa Swimming Trunks



Rin Swimming Trunks



Rin Swimming Trunks (No bikini?)



A secret version that comes with a box purchase at Hobby Stock, Haruka in swimming trunks with an apron

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