VIDEO: "SoulCalibur II HD Online" Revisits the Stage of History on PS3 and 360

Namco Bandai dusts off a classic for its ten-year anniversary

Ouch, can you believe it's been ten years since SoulCalibur II came out? Instead of dredging up memories of my college anime club and making me feel old as hell, though, let's check out the trailer for SoulCalibur II HD Online, Namco Bandai's prettied-up redo of the classic fighter!



Since we only saw Heihachi, I'm guessing we won't get Spawn (who was an Xbox-exclusive character) or Link (who was a GameCube-exclusive character). I'm okay with no Spawn (or Necrid, for that matter), and I'm honestly kinda happy to see Link go--he was broken as hell, and can you imagine fighting armies of bow/bomb/boomerang-spamming Links online?


Who's planning on making a shiny new HD visit to the Stage of History with SoulCalibur II HD Online when it hits PS3 and Xbox 360 this coming fall?

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