First Live-Action "Daily Lives Of High School Boys" Movie Trailer Now Online

Would it be as hilarious as the anime or manga?

Japanese theater entertainment portal posted the first trailer for the live-action Daily Lives Of High School Boys film. Directed by Afro Tanaka movie director Matsui Daigo, the film is set to be released on October 12th in Japan and will be based on an original story.







The original story brings the students of the nearby all-girls high school to Tadakuni's school to hold a joint school festival.







Suda Masaki as Tadakuni


Nomura Syuhei as Yoshitake


Yoshizawa Ryo as Hidenori



One of the original female characters seems to show some intesrest in Tadakuni. Too bad it's not the Literature girl and Hidenori.


Though there is no credit, this girl must be Tadakuni's sister.


Watch the full trailer here and share what you think!

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