VIDEO: Pop-Up Pirate That Jumps 5 Times Higher Goes On Sale In Japan

The maker says the new toy is the result of a mistake but will sell it anyway

Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy introduced a new version of a long-time Japanese table top game favorite, Pop-Up Pirate where the poor pirate jumps 5 times higher compared to the existing version.





According to the apologetic video, the new version called Cho Tobi Jumbo Pop-Up Pirate was a product of a design mistake, but they decided to make it available to the consumer for fun. Due to the fact that it was made by mistake, the toy will keep the same price as the regular version even though it jumps higher and the head of the pirate is made softer to avoid any injury or accidents. The maker says they are relieved that it does not jump 50 times higher.


The Cho Tobi Jumbo Pop-Up Pirate is planned to go on sale this month in Japan for 3,129 yen. Check out other Pop-Up Pirates available in Japan here.

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