Katsuhiro Otomo Says, "No Possibility of Akira 2"

"I want to challenge a new thing"

59-year-old manga artist/anime director Katsuhiro Otomo made a rare appearance on NTV's entertainment news program ZIP to promote his latest omnibus anime film Short Peace on July 19. The film was opened in Japanese theaters on the next day.


During the interview, he made brief comments on the possibility of the sequel for his most successful anime film in 1988, Akira, which was based on his manga with the same title. Otomo said, "Every time I submit a new project, it is refused in most cases. I know they (sponsors?) have been expecting me to make Akira 2. But I won't do that. I really want to create something new. It takes a long time to finish one project, at least one or two years. If I have to spend so much time, I want to challenge a new thing."


Also in the press conference on the premiere day of Short Peace, Otomo revealed that he had been working

on a new anime feature, but it's too early to comment on it officially yet. So, which do you want to see, his 

new project or Akira 2?


"Akira" Japanese trailer



"Short Peace" trailer


Source: Teckinsight


Akira image © mushroom/1988 "Akira" Production Committee

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