Town Showcased by "Free!" Anime To Promote Tourism To Show's Fans

The town's official blog sends a message to Free! fans

Since the success of Anohana and Girls Und Panzer, many local governments and businesses have become increasingly aware of the buying power anime fans can bring to their local towns and cities. The town of Iwami, Tottori prefecture, the place previously identified as the location of sexy swimming anime, Free! not long ago is now willing to take advantage of its newfound fame.



The town's official blog has uploaded the following photos of the local train station used in the anime and announced that the the town is now in collaboration with Kyoto Animeation for a cross promotional event in the near future.



Screen caps from the episode 3 below for comparison.



The blog also mentioned that the Iwami Tourism Association has a plan to sell collaboration items starting later this month.


Source: Iwami Cho Chikiokoshi Kyouryokutai Katsudou Nikki

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