Ultraman Personal Appearances Auctioned Off for Charity

Bidding now hovering around the US$9,000 mark

If you’ve ever wanted to propose marriage, spice up a family gathering, or just hang out with Ultraman – Japan’s most famous monster-wrasslin’ superhero – you’re in luck. Bidding has begun on Yahoo Japan Auction for personal appearances by the silver and red giant from M-78.



Bidding for this one week auction started at a measly one yen and are now hovering at the 92,000 mark (about US $920.00) with all the proceeds to be donated to the Ultraman Foundation charity which is currently supporting 3/11 earthquake related causes.


If this won't get her to say "yes", nothing will... 


Tsuburaya Productions, the makers of Ultraman, offers the following hype from their official charity event website:


“Have the original Ultraman be there with you to celebrate and support your special day, such as birthdays, coming of age ceremony, marriage proposals and cheering at school sports competitions.. Your memory will shine even brighter with most beloved Ultraman. Have a wonderful moment with this auction!”


A memory to cherish!

The bad news is that Ultraman will NOT make international appearances, and will only show up to locations in Japan. So, no, you can’t take him to your local In-N-Out Burger or Gymboree. Still, shouldn’t he be out fighting giant monsters somewhere?



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