VIDEO: Second Live-Action "Tiger Mask" Film Teaser Enters the Ring

Adaptation of classic '60s manga debuts in Japan this November

Don't expect too much new footage in the latest teaser for the live-action Tiger Mask film, but you can get a few more glimpses of lead actor Eiji Wentz in the role of Tiger Mask/Naoto Date. See how the adaptation is shaping up in the brief clip below. 



Tiger Mask sees LA-based director Ken Ochiai adapting the classic 60s manga written by Ikki Kajiwara and illustrated by Naoki Tsuji. The story follows Naoto Date, who was trained to be a heel pro wrestler by Mister X (Sho Aikawa) for his mysterious Tiger's Cave organization. Date betrays the organization to help orphans, though, and becomes a babyface in the ring, prompting Mr. X to send numerous assassin wrestlers to punish him.


The film opens in Japan this November.



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