"Attack on Titan" Blu-ray 1st Volume Sold 37,000 Units in 1st Week

The best selling Blu-ray in Japan in the week of July 15-21

According to the Oricon weekly sales ranking which was reported today, the first Blu-ray volume of the on-going TV anime Attack on Titan sold 37,000 units in the week of July 15-21 and took the first place in the overall Blu-ray ranking. The second best-selling anime was Hayao Miyazaki's 1992 film Porco Rosso in the fourth which sold 9,000 units. The first DVD volume also took a third place in the DVD ranking selling 19,000 units. The both discs contained the first two episodes of the anime and were released in Japan on July 17. The price for the Blu-ray at Amazon Japan is 4,662 yen (about US$46) and the DVD's is 3,885 yen (about US$38).


The first Blu-ray volume of Attack on Titan is now the best-selling TV anime Blu-ray disc in 2013 so far. The previous record was 36,000 units by the fourth volume of Girls und Panzer which was released in Japan on April 24.


Attack on Titan is now available to Crunchyroll viewers in the following territories: United States, Canada,

United Kingdom, and Ireland.


Anime PV 1



Anime PV 2


Source: Manatn Web


© Hajime Isayama/Kodansha/"Attcak on Titan" Production Committee

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