Car Wash Service by Girls in School Swimsuit Offered in Akihabara

10,000 yen (about US$100) for 30-minute car wash

One of the most popular items in the Japanese otaku subculture is female school swimsuits, Sukumizu for short. It means there are always business opportunities by using them. A group named "Sukumizu Sensha Jikkou Iinkai/School Swimsuits Car Washing Executive Committee" has started accepting pre-orders for car wash service by two girls in school swimsuits in Akihabara for a limited time between July 25 and August 31.


The charge for 30-minute car wash is 10,000 yen (about US$100). Taking photos of the girls during the washing is not permitted. But after the session, the owner can take one photo with the two girls in the front of the car. Do you want to spend your 10,000 yen/US$100 for this service?


Photos from the training session


Profile illustration of one of the girl staff Reika Suda (17 years old)


Source: Netlabo


© 2013 Sukumizu Sensha Jikkou Iinkai

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