VIDEO: "Kanye Quest 3030" JRPG is the Greatest Fan Game of All Time


Kanye West is a talented musician with near-nonexistent social skills. It's also very, very easy to pick on him.



Never gets old.


Along with dooming his daughter North to a life of getting bullied and being compared to the movie starring Elijah Wood and Bruce Willis, Kanye will be starring in the fan-made, JRPG-styled adventure Kanye Quest 3030, which sees Kanye battling cloned rappers like 2Pac and Snoop Lion in a dystopian far future.



The last time I saw a project like this, it was Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, which was amazing. I'm hoping Kanye Quest 3030 is just as slick, but what about you? Do you think the Louis Vuitton Don's fan-made JRPG will be any good?

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