Mike Tyson Couldn't Defeat Glass Joe in "Punch-Out!!"

Iron Mike talks about losing to a 1-99 schlub and his favorite video games

While a lot of you may remember Mike Tyson for all the horrible things he did at the end of his career, boxing fans remember him as the guy who made heavyweight boxing exciting as hell throughout the '80s and early '90s for his ferocity and technique.


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Gamers remember Mike Tyson as the near-invincible end boss of NES classic Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, the modified home version of the arcade favorite. In a recent interview, Mike Tyson was asked if he'd ever played the game that featured his name and likeness, and Tyson admitted that he couldn't even beat Glass Joe, the first boxer you face in the game.




"I couldn't even beat Glass f***ing Joe. I couldn't beat Glass Joe; you know what I mean? I couldn't even play the game. I'm a late bloomer. I started playing games in 2006, 2007."

Tyson continued, saying that his favorite games are "Tour of Duty" and games with zombies. It's okay, Mike, you're 47 (and 50-6-0), you're allowed to get titles wrong. A part of me wonders what would happen, though, if we let Tyson use his signature Peek-a-Boo style on a Wii Balance Board with the Remote-Nunchuk combination.



And then he can fight Ricardo Martinez for me in Victorious Boxers: Revolution


So now that Mike Tyson's dirty video game laundry is out in the open, what about everybody here? Are you surprised that Tyson can't handle Glass Joe? Do you have any secret gaming shames you'd like to admit? Here, I'll start: I find the Dead or Alive Xtreme games relaxing as hell. Sound off in the comments!

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