VIDEO: Japanese Ad Campaign Features Half-Naked Men Teaching English

P&G Japan made a series of joke videos to promote their shampoo

If Hadaka Apron (a naked girl with only an apron) has been a fantasy for Japanese men for a long time, then what would be the equivalent fantasy for Japanese women? Hadaka necktie, as it turns out. P&G Japan has created a series of videos featuring western men in Hadaka necktie or just being shirtless while teaching useful English pickup lines to use when traveling internationally to promote their line of shampoo in Japan.




The series is titled "Ikemen Uttori Eikaiwa" and features 7 videos with each video being set in different situation such as during flights, at a restaurant as you see above and when you want to ask a guy out. Whether this video helped any Japanese girls to score outside of Japan is yet to be determined.

Source: Glitty

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