VIDEO: "Free!" Voice Actor Promotes Anime on Japanese Morning Show

Shimazaki Nobunaga talks about Haruka while wearing you-know-what under his pants

The voice of Haruka from sexy swimming anime Free!, Shimazaki Nobunaga was recently introduced as an "Ikemen (handsome)" voice actor on the Japanese morning show Ohayou Asahi (Oha Asa for short) and was a guest to promote the anime series. The 4-minute segment included an interview with Shimazaki and footage from the voice recording sessions of the anime.


The show revealed that the pre-screening event of Free! before the broadcast premiere received 7000 applications for 500 total seats. In the interview, Shimazaki was asked if he tried to sound handsome when acting as Haruka and he answered that he does not try to sound cool when he acts, but tries to be as natural as Haruka is, and it would make him happy if people think it's cool in the end when his acting is combined with the anime. When asked if he feels that he gained more female fans, he said that he feels the anime is very well received by female fans since he receives lots of reactions and feedback on the anime on Twitter.


This photo was posted on the official radio show's site on the episode where Shimazaki was late because he was promoting the anime and Suzuki Tatsuhisa, voice of Makoto on the right, made him strip to reveal that Shimazaki was wearing swimming trunks under his pants, just like Haruka. Which means Shimazaki was most likely wearing it while he was on TV, just like Haruka. (Oh, by the way, Chisa manager, way to go for mentioning Crunchyroll in your message to the radio show!)


Shimazaki responds the question of what he was wearing underneath his pants on TV by tweeting, "I'll leave it to your imagination!"


Source: NAVAR

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