Foot Tall Corrupted Saber Alter Figure Scheduled for 2014

And for something nicer, a Saber Lily figure is also in the works

We're a couple of month's away from Medicom Toy's September release of a Real Action Heroes premium figure of the Fate series' cash cow, Saber. A follow-up has now been scheduled, with the corrupted version, Saber Alter now scheduled April 2014. The 30cm figure goes for 20,000yen.




The Fate/stay night visual novel offered a "Heaven's Feel" route, in which the Saber we know from conventional Fate/stay night and prequel Fate/zero is corrupted by Angra Mainyu, and becomes the servant of the route's heroine, Sakura Matou. The version of the character shows up in the sometimes goofier seque/fan disc Fate/hollow ataraxia.

There's some that the new ufotable project will cover the material.





here's a look at the standard Saber, out this fall



If you want Saber nice rather than naughty, the girly Saber Lily is coming from Alphamax in December. The 13cm figure goes for 10,000yen


Takashi Takeuchi's "girlie" alternate version, Saber Lil wields Caliburn rather than Excalibur. She's based on how Fate/stay night's Caster (Medea) dresses her while she's captured in Unlimited Blade Works. Nasu Kinoko and Gen Urobuchi have gone on to say that she's what would happen if Caster tamed Saber.



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