VIDEO: "Spin the Bottle" Starts the Party on Wii U Next Month

KnapNok's GamePad and Wiimote only game arrives on August 8

Developer KnapNok's Spin the Bottle has taken a bit longer to go through testing than expected, and that's all thanks to the unique way the party game plays. Now it's finally set to hit the eShop on August 8, and you can get an idea of all the bizarre TV-free party fun to be had in the trailer below.



KnapNok's Lau Korsgaard on the game: 

"Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party is our attempt to explore these unique possibilities of the Wii U. Players sit in a circle looking at each other doing silly, wacky and embarrassing stuff. This is a game that couldn't have been developed for any other console and we are super excited to see how the audience will receive it." 


Spin the Bottle doesn't use the TV, focusing only on the GamePad and Wiimotes. It'll cost you $9/€7 when it arrives in the eShop.


Via Joystiq



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