Final "Gintama" School Comedy Spin-Off Novel Planned

"Ginpachi Sensei" returns for the last time

It's sad to see many final this and final that for Gintama and unfortunately, the popular spin-off novel series, 3 Nen Z Gumi Ginpachi Sensei is not an exception. The novel will also have its last novel released on September 4th, appropriately titled 3 Nen Z Gumi Ginpachi Sensei Returns: Ginpachi Sensei Forever, Goodby, Beloved 3Z students.


3 Nen Z Gumi Ginpachi Sensei started as a parody of a popular Japanese drama called 3 Nen B Gumi Kinpachi Sensei, featuring Japanese actor Takeda Tetsuya, due to the Kin (Gold) and Gin (Silver) word pun. A short anime based on the novel was broadcast with the TV series from time to time, with the title Oshiete! Ginpachi Sensei! (Teach me! Ginpachi Sensei!). The popular novel already spans 4 volumes and has already returned twice, making it a total of 6 volumes in the series. Ginpachi Sensei Forever will make it the third return of the popular teacher and the 7th volume in the series.


The cover of the last volume resembles the movie poster only with Ginpachi and young Ginpachi back to back. In the Gintama-trained eyes of mine, it looks like a troll and at the same time, I will not be mad if indeed it is.

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