Phil Fish Gets Fed Up, Cancels "Fez II"

Indie creator aims to get out of games entirely

Phil Fish has been a controversial force in the world of independent gaming, and people love taking little things he says on Twitter and blowing them out of proportion. His latest outburst, however, is the real deal, and according to a follow-up posted on the Polytron website, Fez II is officially cancelled. 


It's tough to say much more than "that was fast," especially considering the fact that the sequel was just announced in June at E3's Horizon Indie Game Conference. After having a bit of a blowup on Twitter a couple days ago, this message was posted on his site, typos and all:


FEZ II is cancelled.

i am done.

i take the money and i run.

this is as much as i can stomach.

this is isn't the result of any one thing, but the end of a long, bloody



you win.


It's almost poetic. Despite the fact that a public spat on Twitter was initially seen as the reason for Fez II's sudden cancellation, it appears there isn't any one specific incident but many over the past few years that have caused Fish to abandon games entirely. His Twitter account is now protected, so you'll have to follow him if you want to see what else he has to say.



Anyway, regardless of how you feel about Fish, it's a bummer to see someone chewed up like that so quickly. Who knows what the future holds for Fez, if anything, but it's looking pretty grim at the moment. 


Via Joystiq



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