VIDEO: Japanese Self Defense Forces Looks to Name Moe Recruitment Character

Character illustrated by Humikane Shimada, creator of "Strike Witches" and original character designer for "Girls und Panzer"

Last weekend, the Okayama Prefecture branch of the Japan Self-Defense Forces Tweeting photos of recruitment displays featuring a character from Humikane Shimada, creator of Strike Witches and original character designer for Girls und Panzer. Now, they've posted a video featuring the character, along with a call for the public to suggest names for the pink haired soldier.


Input will be taken over the next month.



This sort of moe recruitment character is far from without precedent. Tokushima Base of Japan's Self-Defense Forces has been famous for its recruiting posters using female anime-style or moe characters since 2010. The first poster in 2010 was drawn by the anime studio based in the prefecture, Ufotable (Fate/Zero, Tales of Symphonia, Kara no Kyoukai - the Garden of sinners). And the 2011 and 2012 posters were by the JSDF officers themselves.


The official site says, "The real female JSDF officers are much cooler than this. There are various types of jobs in JSDF, you will definitely be able to find something can change you. If you want to change yourself, please check the nearest JSDF office in Tokushima. Now is the time to challenge!"


2013 poster


2012 poster


2011 poster


2010 poster


via NicoTubeAnime


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