VIDEO: Next "Bioshock Infinite" DLC Campaign Returns to Rapture

"Burial at Sea" puts Booker and Elizabeth in the original Bioshock's world

Irrational Games launched one of its Bioshock Infinite DLC updates today with the arrival of Clash in the Clouds. There's more in the pipeline, however. Up next is Burial at Sea, which serves up a two-part add-on campaign with a new film noir-ish story that puts Booker and Elizabeth in the original Bioshock's Rapture prior to its fall. 


The first part will put players in the role of Private Detective Booker, who Elizabeth enlists to take on a task in the undersea city of Rapture, which is still in its prime. The second episode switches things up with Elizabeth as a playable character and a stronger focus on survival horror and stealth elements. 


Here's a quick teaser:


Clash in the Clouds—a combat-centric set of challenges set in four new areas—is available today for $4.99, and is also part of the Bioshock Infinite season pass for anyone who nabbed that. When Burial at Sea launches, its two parts will be available individually for 15 bucks, so the $19.99 season pass ends up being a decent deal if you plan on getting everything. 



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