Nintendo Wii U Sales Fall Further In First Half, New Sales Strategy Detailed

160K consoles total sold globally since April

Nintendo's struggles with the Wii U continue with no real end in sight as the company officially released its earnings report for the first quarter of the year which ended in June. The biggest news in the report was also the worst as the company reported a further drop in Wii U console sales, 160,000 units total sold worldwide, down from the 390,000 worldwide unit sales reported by the game maker back in April for the holiday launch period.

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This means that the console has slid even further in terms of monthly sales to 53,000 units sold per month, with Wii U software sales faring slightly better at over 1 million games sold for the current period. To put just how poorly the Wii U is currently faring, the original Wii outsold the Wii U by nearly double at 210,000 units and that's for a console that has seen much better days in terms of support and popularity.

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In fact, the Wii U is doing so poorly compared to the rest of Nintendo's current hardware lineup that the British Walmart subsidiary ASDA has officially pulled the Wii U from stores after multiple price cuts due to the lack of demand for the system, though it's still being offered by the chain's online store. After all of the recent activity regarding the lack of games and market support for the Wii U, this is how Nintendo plans to kickstart the console's still sagging fortunes:


For the 'Wii U' system, we will attempt to concentrate on proactively releasing key first-party titles from the second half of this year through next year to regain momentum for the platform. Starting with 'Pikmin 3,' which was released in Japan and Europe in July and will be released in the United States in August, we plan on releasing key titles such as 'The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD,' 'Wii Party U,' 'Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze,' 'Super Mario 3D World,' and 'Wii Fit U.'

Moreover, Nintendo strives to improve the sales by communicating the compelling nature of our hardware and software to as many people as possible through our new network service called 'Miiverse,' which offers an environment where people can empathize with others and share their gaming experiences. We also strive to improve hardware profitability by reducing its costs.

Not too convincing, is it? To be fair, the console has only been out for 9 months, but the problem the console is facing is the same one that faced it since it was first announced and that's perception. How many of you have had to explain that the Wii U isn't an add-on for the original Wii and is a completely new console? Better yet, how many of you have seen ads for the console during primetime TV? Until Nintendo clears up its marketing issues with the console, no one should expect the console to pull itself out of its sales slump anytime soon.

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Yes, the lack of games and third-party support is also an issue, but Nintendo's first-party titles have proven themselves to be system selling games, even with the lack of third-party support if past history is any guide. The problem is, can Nintendo afford to wait on more first-party releases in order for the slump to correct itself? They can, but it doesn't mean they should.



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