VIDEO: "Batman: Arkham Origins" Reveals Multiplayer Mode - UPDATED

Splash Damage studios tackles 3-on-3-on-2 turf battle mode

Update: The news below is great for everyone except those who plan on getting it on Wii U, as Nintendo's version won't have the multiplayer.

Batman: Arkham Origins is getting a multiplayer mode when it arrives this fall, and it has a pretty cool concept. 3-on-3-on-2 battles have players fighting for turf as villains while Batman and Robin look to take them out and put an end to it all. 



Splash Damage studios is handling the multiplayer, which is all about being an "invisible predator" against live players who are battling each other in the Bane and Joker gangs. Gang members hold checkpoints against their rivals while fully aware that Batman and Robin could pop out of the shadows at any moment. 


It sounds like an interesting and novel way to implement the Arkham gameplay into a fresh multiplayer setting. We'll see how it works when Batman: Arkham Origins hits PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U on October 25.  


Via Destructoid



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