Get A Morning Call From "Amnesia" Characters While On Vacation In Japan!

Date simulation and calls from Shin or Toma to your cellphone while you stay in select hotels

Since August 1st makes an important date in Otome game inspired anime Amnesia, let me introduce you an amusement park tour plan available in Japan that reunites you with the characters from the series.



Japanese Otome game brand, Otomate and a Europe-inspired resort and amusement park, Huis Ten Bosch Resort in Nagasaki Japan have teamed up to offer a special package called "Otomate in Huis Ten Bosch". During the event period (Sep. 11 - Oct. 15), visitors can get a special voice file player with the voice of an Amnesia character of your choice, Shin, Toma, Ikki or Kent to guide you though the park as if you are on a date with the character. Can't decide who to be on a date with? You can most certainly get all 4 players for an extra fee.




Visitors can also participate in a Digital Stamp Rally to collect Amnesia digital stamps by finding special posters located at 6 different places throughout the park. Participants can receive digital stamps that can be used for texting by scanning the QR code on the posters with their mobile devices.




If you book an overnight travel plan with H.I.S, a Japanese travel agency, Shin or Toma will call you on your cellphone during your stay! For example, if you stay one night, you get 7 calls from either one of them of your choice. Those calls include check-in/check out calls, a morning call, a good night call and a few calls in between just because!




Overnight guests will also receive a special collaboration amenity set as well. A character micro fiber towel and rose shaped soap in an Amnesia special spa bag.


Interested? Here's the cost breakdown:

<Day trip>

Day ticket with one Otome No Jikan Player  6,700 yen (one character of your choice)

Day ticket with 4 Otome No Jikan Players 16,300 yen (all 4 characters)

One-day Passport with one Otome No Jikan Player 9,100 yen (one character of your choice)

One-day Passport with 4 Otome No Jikan Players 18,700 yen (all 4 characters)


<Overnight plan>

From 29,800 yen to 104,800 yen, depending on the length of the stay and the choice of hotel.




Huis Ten Bosch collaborates with anime/game companies frequently and are currently hosting the CAPCOM Summer Festival.

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