New Xbox One Player Reputation System Weeds Out Problem Players

Three-tier "status" system dumps gamers with bad attitudes into a class of their own

I don't know about you, but I'm a pretty good sport when it comes to playing games online. Long marathon sessions in Endless Battle or Team Deathmatch are always ended with "ggs" and compliments for other players, even if it was a long marathon losing streak.



We're not going to talk about the time I ended up streaming on SRKLive because I wasn't paying attention to room names... yeah, it was bad


The same goes for a lot of players--we're all generally nice people, but every now and then you get that one freaking guy (it's almost always a guy) who won't shut up and makes the whole thing miserable for everybody else. Xbox One's new-and-improved reputation system is aiming to make "that freaking guy" a thing of the past.


Persistent reputation based on votes will divide players into three categories: "Good Player," "Needs Work," and "Avoid Me." Players flagged with "Avoid Me" status will be blocked off from the other two classes of player. Before "Avoid Me" status is reached, Microsoft will send warning messages to players suggesting them to make some attitude adjustments.



Not that kind


According to Microsoft's Michael Dunn, just one or two downvotes won't send you into the "Avoid Me" category--everybody has a bad day now and then. For new players, it will take "hundreds or thousands of people across the community" to affect your Live rep.


As long as things don't end up with people shooting and stabbing each other over online trash talk, I'm all for these kinds of adjustments to Live's reputation system. What about you? Do you think this kind of setup will work for Xbox Live? Do you think other gaming communities (*cough* League of Legends *cough*) could do with similar changes?

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