COSPA Introduces Limited Edition "Railgun" Swimsuits

Accurately reproduces the adorably childish taste in clothing of Misaka Mikoto

As devestatingly strong and cool Misaka Mikoto from Railgun series is, she has a very particular taste in things as Kuroko likes to point out often. Everything she likes is a little too childish for the liking of people in her age group in general. But so what, she looks cute in it! COSPA has officially introduced the limited edition frilly swimsuit separates that she wore in the show which have everything Mikoto likes. Frills, polka dots and a ribbon!






The top has hidden pockets so you can use bra pads that you like.


The bottom skirt and the shorts are connected.


The top is a sports bra design with lots of fluffy frills!


This COSPA exclusive collection is limited to 100 suits for 15,750 yen (including tax). Pre-orders are now open.

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