VIDEO: "Free!" Anime's Vol. 1 BD/DVD Exclusive Shorts Trailer

Stories of daily lives of swimming boys

With no new episode to air for a week, my Free! craving is at it's peak and KyoAni knows it. The official site has posted a new trailer for the original short movies that will be included in the first volume of the home video release on September 11th in Japan.


The original short movie is titled FrFr! and 2 short stories (Makoto No Nayami (Makoto's Worry) and Buin Boshu! (Join The Club!) are planned.


BD/DVD vol. 1 will have dual-sided covers (Side A with Makoto & Nagisa, Side B with Rei), collectible end card postcards, and a special booklet focued on Rin.



In other Free! related news, Makoto has sweeped the character ranking votes conducted by Animate in 3 different locations as reported by Yaraon.

Results for the first poll from the Animate located at Fukuoka Tenjin:

#1 Makoto 822 votes

#2 Rin 688 votes

#3 Haruka 617 votes

#4 Rei 532 votes

#5 Nagisa 515 votes



Poll results from the second Animate (location unknown):

#1 Makoto 360 votes

#2 Rin 294 votes

#3 Haruka 264 votes

#4 Rei 240 votes

#5 Nagisa 208 votes



Thrid Animate poll results (location also unknown):

#1 Makoto 286 votes

#2 Haruka 266 votes

#3 Rin 181 votes

#4 Nagisa 143 votes

#5 Rei 127 votes




Hobbytown Hiroshima also tweeted Makoto was #1 with 218 votes.


Who is your favorite Free! character?

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