VIDEO: Live-Action "Free!" ED Made By Swimming Club Member

Just for laughs: the video forces you to look at the reality

Suieibuin, literally a member of a swimming club in Japanese, is a Nico user who makes live-action versions of anime openings and ending themes in his speedos, a pair of googles and the signature smile on his face. To respond to expectations, he has created the live-action Free! anime ending theme, Splash Free! as posted below and urges fangirls to look at the reality....there are no ripped swimming boys with shota-like faces as found in the anime!



In his comments he also says the real swimmers are not in their swimming trunks 24/7 or broil a mackerel in them and he thought Free! was just for fangirls, but he was surprised that he finds it fun to watch as well.

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