"Phi-Brain" Anime's 3rd Season Broadcast Date Announced

Also revealed: part of the main key visual and best paring poll results!

Let's begin the puzzle time! Genius puzzle solvers, Kaito and company in Phi-Brain return for the 3rd time and the broadcast schedule is finally announced! Sunrise posted the schedule on the official site with a part of the main visual for the 3rd season of the anime.



Sunrise's official site announced that the 3rd season of the Phi-Brain anime will start on October 6th at 5:30pm on NHK's E channel in Japan. Above is a part of the main visual for the 3rd season that was also revealed. Not only will Kaito return, but Rook and Freecell are also coming back for the new season.


The anime's official site has already revealed two of the new characters, Rachel (spelling not confirmed yet) voiced by Chihara Minori and Enigma voiced by Nakata Joji.


There was also a best paring poll on the official site and the top 3 pairs are listed below.


#1 Kaito & Nonoha  8744 votes


#2 Kaito & Rook  7394 votes


#3 Rook & Bishop  6299 votes


For the entire poll result, click here. A special wallpaper featuring the #1 pair will be available on the official site soon.

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