Hatsune Miku Designer Renews Moe Sake Characters "Meu" & "Yurisu"

Plum/ume wine's Meu and yuzu wine's Yurisu are back

Following the success of the first edition released in July, Japanese convenience store chain Lawson has started accepting pre-orders for the second edition of two alcoholic drinks, plum/ume wine (14% alcohol) and yuzu wine (7%), which features moe/bishoujo characters Meu and Yurisu on the label of the bottles. The girls are designed by KEI, who is best known as the original designer of the most famous vocaloid character Hatsune Miku. KEI renewd the illustrations for the second edition with summer style outfits.


Both drinks are produced by Nakano Sake Brewery in Handa-city, Aichi Prefecture. The price of the 720ml bottle set is 1,680 yen (about US$16) as same with the first edition. The set includes a clear file using KEI's color illustration. The second edition will be shipped between September 5 and October 10. Which girl/edition is the cutest for you? 



Second editions

Meu (plum/ume wine)


Yurisu (yuzu wine)



First editions





Source: Netlabo




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