Sheryl Nome's Voice Actress Announces Marriage In Last Official Blog Entry

Aya Endo announces that she got married in the last entry of the discontinued blog

The voice of Sheryl from Macross Frontier, Takara Miyuki from Lucky☆Star and other memorable roles has announced that she got married in the last entry of her official blog on August 8th, Japan time. Endo was engaged in 2011 and the blog had been inactive for a while since then until yesterday's post.



First, Endo announced that she will discontinue the blog and listed her recent work. She asked her fans to continue supporting her without the blog.


Then she went on to discuss her voiceover work on American TV series, Californication, finishing the videogame Yokai Watch and said that she has not dyed or cut her hair and finally said she got married. She thanked her readers for the comments received on the blog until now.


An image Endo included in her last blog post above.




In the end, she wished for everyone's well-being and the best for the rest of the year. No more details are available at the current time.


Congratulations, Endo san!

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