POLL: Top 15 Characters Voiced By Miyano Mamoru

A total of 3225 votes decide which Miyano Mamoru voiced character is liked the best

AnimeOne, a Japanese anime portal which sadly is planning to close in a few months, posted the results of a user generated poll to decide which character performed by Miyano Mamoru is liked the best. Miyano Mamoru, a voice actor, a singer and a skillful user of facial expression has many impressive roles in his career. votes were cast for his roles between 2002 to 2013.





#1 Ichinose Tokiya from Uta No Prince Sama  225 votes



#2 Suou Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club  202 votes




#3 Yogi from Karneval  198 votes




#4 Matsuoka Rin from Free!  186 votes



#5 Natsume Zange from Inu X Boku Secret Service  179 votes



#6 Kida Masaomi from Durarara  156 votes



#7 Fushimi Saruhiko from K project 152 votes  152 votes



#8 Yagami Light from Death Note  146 votes



#9 Setsuna F Seiei from Gundam OO  131 votes



#10 Okabe Rintaro from STEINS;GATE  126 votes



#11 Mashima Taichi from Chihayafuru  119 votes



#12 Wooser from Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life  81 votes



#13 Fubuki Shirou from Inazuma Eleven 80 votes



#14 Tsunashi Takuto from Star Driver 77 votes



#15 Dento from Pocket Monster Best Wish  67 votes


Did your favorite character make the list?

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