"Valvrave" Asks Fans Unique Survey Questions

More than just "who's your favorite character?"

Valvrave introduced its male lead and one of the female leads with a scene in which the two are engaged in an eating contest. This not really how you'd expect Sunrise's to launch their latest standard bearer of Gundam-style mecha anime. From that point on, you could always count on Valvrave to be at least a bit skewed. It's new web poll is no different.


Between now and September 5th, the official site is asking fans to name...

1) Favorite character

2) Female you wanna bite

3) Male you wanna bite

4) Character you want to split ham and eggs with

5) Chara you don't want for your commander




In other VVV doings, the website has continued its series of wallpapers rewarding fans for retweets posts 666

The lestest  is L-elf


and before that


also this selection of characters


The site also previewed 1/144 scale models coming form Bandai in Sptember


Comket blood donation poster in action


Recent magazine spread



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