New Anime "Space Dandy" Announced At Otakon for January 2014

Key Cowboy Bebop staff reunited for science fiction comedy

During Shinichiro Watanabe's Q&A panel held at Otakon this weekend, the director revealed the project first hinted at last year by BONES in Space Dandy. The show will reunite scriptwriters Dai Sato, Keiko Nobumoto, and Kimiko Ueno. Yoshiyuki Ito will design the characters and Yasuyuki Okamura will perform the theme song. Watanabe is serving as the general director with series director Shingo Natsume and French animator Thomas Romain will handle the spaceship designs.


Space Dandy Key

The lead character Dandy is known a the "dandiest man in space" (pictured above and in the headline) and is an alien hunter. The anime is set far in the future where people have gone to the far reaches of the universe while Dandy is searching for aliens that no one has found before;Dandy's partner is a robot named QT and also travels with a cat named Meow. Watanabe also showed designs for the different aliens which will be introduced in the series each week, with over 100 different monster designs confirmed by Watanabe. The series will premiere in January of 2014 with a trailer being shown at the panel. There is currently no US licensor for the series.

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