Even Comiket Staff Are In "Attack On Titan" Cosplay This Year

Didn't we know this was coming?

It's Summer Comiket weekend in Japan! The Comiket staff are there to ensure the peace, order and the safety of the participants and occasionally leave funny comments that make the headlines of Comiket related news during the event. Some staff even wear cosplay while they are on duty and this year, they are the Survey Corps from Attack On Titan!



via @hanemoon920


via @Fabre_yryr

Japan is suffering from record heat this weekend. On the deadly ground of the event site, Comiket staff are in the perfect cosplay since they are the people who dedicate their heart to the job and some are saying the survival rate of 60% is not that far off in this heat. Some people posted that they saw a staff member who looks like Commander Pixis in cosplay but no photos have popped up yet. If you were ordered to move forward in line by Commander Pixis, you would just have to do it, right?


Source: NAVAR

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